[Mccoypottery-talk] Butterfly Mark

Antiqueja@aol.com Antiqueja@aol.com
Wed, 7 Mar 2001 22:47:59 EST

Hi all,
I went to an auction preview tonight in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In a 
boxed lot was the vase with applied leaves (not the ivy vase but the pink one 
with green leaves). I immediately checked it out but the leaves were broken 
in several places, one of the broken pieces was in the vase. It was beautiful 
and if all the pieces were there, I would have definitely bought and repaired 
it.  I never saw this vase other than in books. They also had a yellow tulip 
vase but it had hairline cracks in several places. For new collectors, just a 
bit of advice. Be careful about auctions, check and recheck the piece prior 
to bidding. Some auctioneers do not mention the flaws, it is all up to you to 
check the pieces thoroughly.  If pieces are cracked or chipped it is okay to 
buy at a greatly reduced price until you find better but sometimes it is 
better to pass it by. Sorry if this got too long, but I got stung a few times 
early in my collecting.

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