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Fri, 9 Mar 2001 11:59:46 -0500

Hi, all...I've been busy...I've started a web site on reproduction and fake=
 McCoy Cookie jars that I've found listed online, etc....What I am doing is=
 printing a pamphlet and offering it on Ebay for starters, containing some =
of this info...my goal is to hope that some buyers will click on it, read i=
t...and learn...if they do sell, the money will be donated. I had thought o=
f the Dale Earnhardt foundation...or to NMXpress for the McCoy lovers reuni=
on...what do you think?

Some of you may disagree, but over 1500 McCoy cookie jars were listed last =
month alone online!! But, if you can help me as I only have 5 cookie jars, =
and 3 books, and can't find all the info I need...visit the reproductions a=
nd fakes pages, http://www.mccoycookiejars.com. .... if you have photos, or=
 more accurate information...contribute! If this information is already on =
the web, like McCoy Pottery Online, and the NMXpress...I provide links to t=
hose. I won't repeat what someone else already has online.=20


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