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Marsha Blevins Pottery4Fun@msn.com
Mon, 12 Mar 2001 18:14:26 -0500

Gosh, girls! You do shop Posh in this neck of the woods. I haven't been the=
re in ages!! Jeanette's father used to have an antique shop down the road o=
n Rt.3 into Fallsburg, but got out of it about 15 years ago, and sold the p=
lace. He was into primitives, and no pottery.=20=20

Try Reggie's attic in Ashland on Greenup Avenue behind Scope Towers, there'=
s an antique mall in Catlettsburg(havent' been there yet), and three antiqu=
e shops in Russell off US23, downtown. And on weekends, there's another sho=
p on Greenup Avenue an old man runs diagonally across from the police stati=
on! You pass Jeanette's family's place on Rt. 3 if that's the way you go of=
f I-64..Small wonders! They have McCoy! ooh, will have to check! Hillbilly =
Flea Market ask for Judy...she sells reasonable! It's on US23 on the way to=
 Russell, across from Value City! Chesapeake OH has a flea market also. Nev=
er been to Proctorville,Ohio or Milton, Wv flea markets...


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