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Marsha Blevins Pottery4Fun@msn.com
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It is nice to meet a fellow Kentuckian! I know Richmond..Eastern Kentucky U=
niversity! I agree with you also, the hunt is the fun! The excitement of fi=
nding a piece seems to last forever, doesn't it. For some, like Jeanette, w=
ho isn't allowed to drive until they straighten out her breathing problems,=
 Ebay seems an obsession. Have fun on your shopping trip. Sounds like fun! =
The places I mentioned, if you come to this area, are the best. The Hillbil=
ly Flea Market, is expensive inside, normally, above or at book price on gl=
ass. The booths outside are the best to find something.


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I have to agree with Karen.  As much as I love to browse Ebay, I don't buy
much McCoy there because nothing compares to the thrill of finding a piece
in a shop and holding it in your hands.  It's the thrill of the
hunt.  Thanks, Marsha, for the information about the school sale on 3-23
but Karen and I plan to get together the next week-end for our
McHunt.   Oh, in case anyone wants to know, I live and work in Central
Kentucky, the Richmond area, about 15 minutes south of Lexington.

>I live in the Danville, KY area about 35 miles sw of Lexington.  I am
>originally from central KY.  Small town called Cave City so I am a native
>Kentuckian.  We are always on the lookout for good places to hunt.  I even
>drag my husband along sometimes.  Beth and I have managed one or two trips
>- just us 'girls'.  I have decided that it's 'the hunt' that makes it fun.
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