[Mccoypottery-talk] Intro and Question

McQuita@aol.com McQuita@aol.com
Wed, 14 Nov 2001 13:29:30 EST

Bryan, curious to know where you got that bit of information.....They McCoy's 
have never indicated that to me.    And I think it is illegal, certainly 
unethical to take a rrpco cookie jar, make a mold of it and mark it with a 
mark being either McCoy, Brush-Mccoy, or BMHull as many are done...unless 
you're the RRPCO company...A friend of mine is a vice president there and so 
I know it's not the RRPCO co that has done these jars....there are 
unscrupulous people in the world who are doing this...I think it's unethical, 
illegal, etc. to take a Hull Red Riding Hood and reproduce it using a MoCoy 
logo on the bottom....That doesn';t make it a genuine McCoy cookie jar and 
folks are getting taken on this. After that factory closed the doors the last 
time, there was no more legitimate McCoy made.  Nelson and Billie have 
contracted some McCoy Limited or the N/B Collection items out under those 
names.  Chiquita

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