[Mccoypottery-talk] McCoy-Brush Repro

Mark Clark mark3@tcac.com
Mon, 19 Nov 2001 05:54:48 -0600


Thanks for writing!  Just for the record and possible responses, I'm Kelly and I wrote that letter. Mark is my husband and I can't seem to get him to change the email address to reflect the two of us - not just him.  He has used this address for years before we were married but we WILL be changing the address when we purchase a new computer for Christmas. 

Memory Lane is 4 miles south of Carthage on Hwy. 59 (just north of Diamond - the card says in Fidelity, MO).  It is definitely worth the drive to see what he has.  It is a little building out in the middle of nowhere - no other town businesses at all!  It has a big window and I stopped one time to look in as I could never find him open.  It was like a child looking into the toy store window at Christmas.  Amazing sight!!!!!  Anyway, call him before you plan on visiting at (417) 623-8998 and cell is (417) 850-6313 according to his card.  He said he isn't open on a regular basis due to traveling to shows.  Well worth seeing, though.  Hundreds of jars, Mccoy, Shawnee, Misc.  He really knows pottery.  I have some pieces I want to go back and ask him about... 

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