[Mccoypottery-talk] shadow box bird planter

aandmjones aandmjones@duesouth.net
Sun, 9 Sep 2001 14:56:42 -0400

Sherri, These are called Arcature vases.  There are 3 sizes, a square about
6"x6", a short rectangle about 6" x 8" and a tall rectangle 9" x 6".  All 3
sizes were made in grey and burgundy which I have because those are the
colors of my lining room and they were also made in green and yellow.  In
some of the books if the frame is yellow with green drip over the top and a
white and blue bird it is called a Cope design, sooo there really are 3
color combinations.  All of the books list the colors at the same price.  I
do not put much stock in book prices.  Ebay sales seem to be more realistic
prices.  Usually these sell between $30-$40. Marie

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> Does anyone know anything about a McCoy shadow box
> with a bird inside.  It is the upright box with a
> Burgundy bird with a grayish outside.  I have seen the
> green/yellow combination but not this color.  I would
> appreciate any help.
> Thanks
> Sherri
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