[Mccoypottery-talk] New to McCoy

Biagi davie@charter.net
Wed, 19 Sep 2001 09:42:33 -0400

Thank you, Betty,

I am trying to limit myself to only the planters. The cookie jars are a bit
too expensive for me.

There is something really comforting to me to have these old planters
around. It reminds me of a day and age when women had time to place a layer
of gravel in the bottom, plant some hens and chicks, and carefully water
just enough to prevent root rot while keeping the soil moist.

I'm trying to put a round sticker with the date on the bottom of the
planters when I find out when it was made.

I wish our library had some reference books. We live in a small town,
though, and their collection of books about pottery seem to be pre 1960s.

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  We are not experts but this is definitely the place !!  We at least try to
help each other.  I have the dates of production on many things as I am sure
many others have.  If you want to send pictures to me I will try to help.
Or just good descriptions. Betty in Iowa
  Biagi wrote:

    Hi everyone,
    I am new to McCoy collecting, but I am already finding the
    stuff irresistible.
    For my 24th wedding anniversary, my husband brought me one
    planter for every year of our marriage. It was the nicest
    present I have ever received. For mother's day I got a dozen

    I wish I knew the year each planter was made. I have been
    researching the books. When I read there were catalogs that
    might still be around, I was very envious. I wish the next
    McCoy book was nothing but reproductions of all the old
    catalog pages.

    I'm enjoying reading the posts. This must be THE place for
    the experts to consult.



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