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Biagi davie@charter.net
Fri, 21 Sep 2001 22:55:43 -0400

I fully intended to purchase volume 3 when I read this and
then I wandered into a local collectible and glassware flea
market and now my book money has been spent on 5 more
planters. I love taking the old used planters and cleaning
them up. It's amazing how well they recover after so many
years of neglect. I got a really cute little Floraline
vase/planter. Normally I see them full size, but this one
was only 3 1/2" tall and wide. The bottom also looks like it
says SOS on it, but I think that's 505. Does that mean it
was made in 1950?


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I just went to Amazon.com and I sent this URL back to myself
and checked it out and this
will get you right to the Vol. III book that I do think is
well worth the money.

Just click on this link.  Betty in Iowa

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