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Sat, 22 Sep 2001 14:35:36 -0500

Sherri Napier said:

People, the best way to support you country is to go out and buy some 
pottery.  Go to your local antique store, make a day of it.  Buy McCoy 
Pottery, then go to a restaurant and buy some food, go to a bar and have 
drink.  Then go out and buy a plane ticket and travel to another part of 
the US and go visit antique stores there.  Buy more McCoy's, eat in other 
restaurants, stay in a hotel, rent a car.  

That said, I think it is safe to say that everyone on this list can 
peacefully discus both McCoy Pottery, and the tragedy before our great 
nation. After all it was the McCoy Pottery Company that got involved 
during World War II to help our nation.  They made everything from 
bottles for the troops, to clay landmines that could not be detected by 
metal detectors.  We have one of those mines intact (less the firing pin 
and explosives).  

Lets just try to calm down a bit and not yell amongst ourselves.  If you 
want to mention something off topic, whatever it may be, then just please 
put "OT" in the subject line of your outgoing email messages to the list.

>WE do support our people and troops who are fighting
>both over seas and "if you have not noticed" OUR OWN
>HOME-GROUND.  "Discussing pottery" and getting on with
>the mission of life and liberty will be the only way
>to make sure that the terriorists will not win.  The
>terrorist can win both with violence, fear and
>economics.  If you are not interested in our
>discussion, just sign off of this site.  
>God will bless and has blessed America. 
>--- IcubytheC@aol.com wrote:
>> Never ming talking about pottery. Lets support our
>> people and troops as they 
>> fight the good fight over seas. God bless America
>> and let freedom ring,loud 
>> and clear.
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