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i have used the goodwillauction.com a few times.  things are misrepresented, 
poor pix, and their s&h is outrageous.  you can figure 8 to 10 dollars for 
s&h on a little book.  told them about media mail, they didn't respond.  it 
is 1/4 of what they charge. i don't buy from them unless it is something i 
really want.  i agree estate sales are the best way to collect.

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>Thrift stores are the best place to get "real"  McCoy items.
>But let me tell ya, I went into a Goodwill thrift store today and they had 
>set of (4) Hull brown drip bowls priced at $19.99!!!!!
>one had a big gash out of the top of it.
>I told the lady that that was a ridiculous price for an incomplete set of
>bowls even if they were collectibles.
>She told me that "just because the bowl has a chip in it does hurt the 
>of the bowl".
>I was so mad!!!!!!!!
>they also had a McCoy blue and pink mixing bowl for $23.00!!!!!!
>If I was at a flea market or antique store, maybe?
>But not at the good old Goodwill.
>I have found that the local Veteran thrift store such as D A V, or
>Disabled American Veterans, are the best places to go.
>Thanks for listening guys,

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