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I'm envious, Jennifer! What did he have to say?   Jill

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I have spent the last week managing our outbound operation at the distributor 
for Harry & David's.  The seasonal people they hire there range from college 
kids, mom getting some extra Christmas money and retired folks.  The gent 
that was working one of my lines yesterday was obviously retired, so I asked 
my normal question.  "What do you do in real life?"  He said he was retired 
from working in a pottery.  Okay so this really got me excited and when he 
told me McCoy, I got to listen to someone who had worked there for 20 years 
before retirement and just a few years before it closed.
He talked about how the pottery was made and everything he did (he poured 
molds).  Really interesting conversation during the hustle and bustle of one 
of the busiest distribution centers in the US!
Jennifer Smith
Capriherb Farm
Baltimore, Ohio 

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