[Mccoypottery-talk] Auction prices

Betty F. Nelson bettyfnelson@home.com
Tue, 29 Jan 2002 15:50:11 -0600

Well fellow McCoys..... I went to the auction Sunday as I said I would,
I was really ashamed of some of the people that attended that auction.
People I had never seen and hope I don't again. They just came with the
attitude that every one there was trying to rob them.  They really took
their black lights and lighted magnifying glasses over board.  I don't
know how many of you looked at the pictures on the link I gave you but
to give you an idea of the overall prices.  The Weller chalice brought
$155.00 The one piece of Sleepy Eye was $170.  Shawnee corn pitcher
$80.00 The collection of Ziggy collectibles brought $1.50 ea.
The Doe & Fawn on NHN Vol. I page 204 book value given as $50-60 brought
There was a hair line crack on the back of the Triple Lily Vase and it
brought $30. The Double Lily was perfect and it brought $85.00 Birdbath
The Roseville sold very high and so did the Hummel figurines.  If there
was any one thing that you saw on the Special Auction that you would
like to know about I think I can give you a fairly accurate amount.
There were only 2 cookie jars. The Shawnee "Ear of Corn" jar  without a
lid brought $17.50 and the McCoy "Log Cabin" it had a hairline crack on
the inside lid that was not cracked all the way through to the outside
and it actually had to have a magnifying glass to see and it went for
There was 2 pieces of Roseville "Donatella" (misspelled no doubt) they
were good size pieces 14 -16" and one brought $140. the other $170. The
Rookwood Vase XXII258
brought $205.  We rarely see Rookwood here.
That is a synopsis of the prices.  You can compare them to your area.
There were 6 McCoy pieces about the same size as the heart shaped one.
They all had tiny little flaws in the glaze or something and they all
sold as a group for $10. ea.  I wish they had sold them separately, I
would have owned that heart.
Betty the Okie in Iowa  bettyfnelson@home.com

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