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  Thanks, Nina

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  I recently bought an item on ebay that was listed as a McCoy Ladies
  Victorian Shoe Boot Planter Vase.  I wondered why I couldn't find it in a=
  book.  I have since learned through The McCoy Pottery Collectors Connecti=
  that the vase is a fake.  It was never produced by the Nelson McCoy Co.
  When I questioned the seller, her response was "it is a McCoy product - f=
  the one in Tennessee- there were two companies.  I continue to see these =
  sale on ebay, but always through a (private) auction.  Therefore the bidd=
  can't be alerted to this.  She is selling large ones and small ones.  The
  seller name is ( fayes southern memories).  I hope this information may h=
  someone else, before they make the same mistake.

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