[Mccoypottery-talk] reference book

Betty F. Nelson bettyfnelson@mchsi.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 07:20:51 -0500

Thanks for the warning. We can really help each other if we share that kind=
 of information.
Slightly off the only McCoy line, I would like to tell you about a wonderfu=
l Cookie Jar book I just bought.
It is the revised 3rd edition of the "The Complete Cookie Jar Book"  by Mik=
e Schneider published by
Schiffer Publishing.  I got the paperback 9"x12".  It is 300 pages of 2,000=
 cookie jars shown in full color!!
There are height measurement given and the mark on the bottom shown for man=
y and just a wealth of information.  I have paged through his books on Roya=
l Copley and Stangl and was impressed by the work he puts into his research.

This book is cookie jars and marks on bottoms.  Nary a dog poked into any j=
ar or no other extra garbage.  To give an example of the information given,=
 I opened at random and found.

"The McCoy 'Aspargus' cookie jar was a 1977 to 1979 offering. It is 10-1/2 =
inches high, no. 267. It is unmarked but has the familiar McCoy three-bar b=
ottom, an example of which is shown below. Zera Collection. $60."  That is =
very typical of thousands of entries in the book.  (he gives credit to ever=
y collection he photograghed and used. Here the Zera collection.)

As you can tell I am very impressed with it.    Betty the Okie in Iowa

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