[Mccoypottery-talk] looking for teapot lid to replace broken one

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Mon, 15 Jul 2002 14:48:46 -0500

have not found anything like your coffee pot cookie jar.  i have the 
"wonderful world of cookie jars" by supnick.  nothing like that in it.

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>Hi,  I bought a cookie jar at a garage sale and paid $3 for it.  It is
>in perfect condition and is a bargain at that price just to use as a
>cookie jar.  But I am wondering if it couldn't be something more.  No
>maker on the bottom but it does say USA and the number 3721.  It is the
>olive green of McCoy or Brush and the bottom is painted and glazed like
>Haeger.  It is in the shape of a large coffee pot that would be used on
>the range by cowboys.  The word cookies is spelled on the front along
>with some shapes of cookies.  I have looked in every book I own and only
>came up with something similar.  #253 El Rancho Line.  My cookie jar is
>over 12 " tall with the lid.  Anyone out there to help me?  Thanks
>Ruth Ann
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