[Mccoypottery-talk] McCoy ware

Jerry M. Spivey spuds76@mindspring.com
Mon, 11 Mar 2002 20:34:20 -0800

Hi All!
I have two McCoy items that I need help finding out some info on such as ag=
e and value.
1) I have a tea pot that appears to be brown drip.  The bottom is marked Mc=
Coy - there are no other marks or numbers.
The pot appears to be approximately 5'' tall and about 5 1/2'' in diameter.=
  The handle appears rectangular in shape.  The
top has a set of three graduated rings.  The bottom of the pot below the ha=
ndle also has the three rings.  This item has what=20
appears to be a makers defect on the side otherwise in excellent condition =
without cracks or chips.=20=20=20=20
2)  The second item is a wine decanter that is off white to beige in color.=
  It stands approximately 8'' tall and has one wide
brown ring with a smaller one below it.  Above the larger ring is the word =
VINO.  The bottom of the decanter has the following
660 McCoy USA.  The top of the decanter is rounded with a pinched in spout.=
  There are two cups or mugs that go with this
set.  They stand about 3 1/2'' tall with one brown ring around the top.  Th=
e bottom features the number 659 McCoy USA.
This item is in excellent shape with no cracks or chips.
I have been unable to find any information onthese two items in the books o=
r sources that are available to me.  Any help
will be appreciated.  Thanks

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