[Mccoypottery-talk] looking for teapot lid to replace broken one

Collene Pearce collene@jump.net
Wed, 29 May 2002 16:38:46 -0700

First of all, I know NOTHING about McCoy or ANY type 
of pottery, except that some of it is very pretty. :-)

I have a McCoy teapot, with a broken lid.
A nasty moving person deliberately broke it and 
12 years later, I am still ticked about it. ;-)
I ran across the sugar/creamer the other day and 
they reminded me about the broken lid.  So, I 
thought I'd try to find a replacement lid for it.

I have no idea what style the teapot is, but could
describe it, if anyone knows McCoy styles.  It looks
like a sort of stylized flower -- it's made up of 
the pale green stems/leaves and pink bloom.  I suspect
it was originally painted white and then had a green,
transparent glaze put on par on the handle and around
the base and had a pink transparent glaze put on the 
blooms.  I can't remember if the lid was completely 
green or also had some pink on it.  The colors are 
very pale and delicate.    

I have the sugar and creamer to go with it. I don't 
know if there were originally other pieces w/the set, 
or not. If so, I'd like to have those, too.  I have no
idea why. ;-)
The teapot belonged to my grandmother, so must have been 
made before 1940.  It looks like a style that would 
have been made after the art deco era (20's to early
30's), but before the wild modern designs of the late
40's.  I may also be wrong and may be remembering it 
wrong.  It's WAAAAAY back on an upper shelf of a 
kitchen cabinet and I've not seen it for 10 years. ;-)
However, I know I think of art deco when I see it, 
but I don't think it is quite that old.

Does anyone know where I could identify this teapot
and perhaps find another lid?  
If necessary, I could drag it out of the cabinet and 
take a pic of it and send it to anyone who might be 
able to identify it.  I'd love to know the name of 
the design, also.

It's also possible that the lid for this teapot is 
the same as the one for other teapots, too.  if so,
I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me that. That 
way I could search for more than one design and should 
have a better chance of finding a lid.

Are there pics of all the McCoy teapots at a website, 
somewhere (searches have turned up lots of info, but few pics).  
McCoy must have made a zillion items and many of the ones
I've seen are absolutely beautiful, but I REALLY don't
need to start collecting anything else.  ;-)


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