[Mccoypottery-talk] Cookie Jars!

Jennifer Smith capriherb@dialupnet.com
Sat, 6 Dec 2003 13:41:24 -0500

I just wanted to drop a short note.
Because of the forecast, hardly anyone showed up for the auction.  There
were basically 5 couples who were bidding for all 250 cookie jars.
I bought 49.......<G>
I can't begin to say which ones I bought, but  a lot of McCoy, Brush,
Shawnee, etc.  Yes, I bought some of the great Shawnee's like Winnie and
Puss 'n Boots.  I know one of the McCoys was the upside down panda.
I will put a list together by Monday (hopefully) of what I bought.  Also a
LOT of F&F and California jars.  Most all the modern jars were marked, still
have foil labels on them and are from 1991 and earlier.
This was one of those auctions that starting in business as I am, I dream of
going to.  So a day that started as "Why bother" turned into one of those
days that only comes around once in a blue moon.
Quita, R2D2 sold for only around $150.00 and it was by far the most
expensive one sold.
But if I were the new owner, I'd hold it for the McCoy auction in July and
make a tidy sum.  No, I didn't bid on it....:(

Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
Ohio Pottery and Glassware
Baltimore Ohio

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