[Mccoypottery-talk] McCoy Lost Glaze?

Jennifer Smith capriherb@dialupnet.com
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 09:29:23 -0500

I have the 3 volumes but can't pin the color down in my mind.
I'm trying to determine if a piece I bought last week is the lost glaze or
While I'm here I might as well ask.
I looked at a collection of pottery yesterday to possibly buy.  Not a lot
there, but maybe one of these pieces will ring a bell as to being worth more
than $10 - $15.

These are McCoy:
A maroon flower form lamp.
Several tall vases, each different but all McCoy, in cream, green, etc.
2 of the green "cup and saucers" that are molded together.  One is small the
the other the next size up.
A badly chipped grape "flower form" vase that has crazing and a couple of
A turtle in dark green
A Pink Poppy  flower form vase that has a chip.
An Antiqua line 9.5" Pitcher vase (with grapes) with sticker still on it.
An antiqua line smaller pitcher vase, no grapes.

Unmarked and unknown to me:
A pair of wall pockets that have a bird house and a bird in front of the
bird house.
A squirrel on a log planter (not Weller)
A Gaudy Blue Swan with gold trim and 2 cornucopia's matching it
2 Brush ducklings
2 Conestoga style wagon small planters

If anyone has bought any of the above or seen a price recently, I'd love to

Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
Ohio Pottery and Glassware
Baltimore Ohio

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i have lost glaze but it's all packed away and I can't locate a piece right
now to photograph...which books do you have?  bet at least one piece is in
any of the books

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