[Mccoypottery-talk] McCoy Pottery OnLine Store Launch

Terry Kinsey mccoy@mccoypottery.com
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 20:38:45 -0800

McCoyPottery.com announces the launch of its new on line store. 
http://store.mccoypottery.biz/index.php?cPath=2 The store is a secure 
site which offers  both McCoy Pottery related items and certified 
McCoy Pottery Collectable items from private collections for sale. 
The store offers McCoy Pottery collectors the opportunity to both buy 
and sell McCoy Pottery.  The store will assure the buyer that the 
item is an original McCoy.  The McCoy collectable pottery listed in 
the store are items owned by various collectors and prices are fixed 
by the owner.  The store is broken down into several catagories 
including McCoy Pottery Guides/Books,  Cookie Jars,  Stoneware, 
Vases, Gifts etc.  (Many different catagories  can be added.  Over 
the next few weeks the store will be adding new items most of which 
are from collections that owners are selling.  The store accepts: 
visa, mastercard, american express, paypal on line payments and many 
options for shipping.  If you have items to sell;  but do not want to 
be lost in the ebay hay stack, this is the place to sell the items.
Just contact <mccoy@mccoypottery.com>.

McCoy Pottery On Line
Bella Mia, Inc.
401 Host Drive
Lake Geneva, WI  53147

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