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Did you check out the Federal Americans with Disabilities law for ADA
violations if there are some in some of data you're writing about.  Did you
ask to see policy from Voc Rehab on the work program?  Didn't know if you
tried that angle on the employment issues.

Some States have programs to investigate allegations of abuse,
neglect, and other areas for adults...may want to inquire at State
level if there is a program...Adult Protective Services that could
look into allegations/concerns.

Also the State or federal laws ...Child Labor Laws may need to
be reviewed when you spoke of minor children and wages.

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> (If this posts twice, I'm sorry...sent it from my other mail account)
> Well guys....I need some help.
> We all know the frustration of trying to deal with the Fayes of eBay, and
> all the fakes in the antique malls.  It's maddening, but Faye is just a
> seller.  She buys these jars from others, and we know where the majority
> the jars come from:
> Roger Jensen & Larry Martin
> As most of you all have guessed by now, I worked for Roger Jensen as his
> production manager, and my wife is "Mrs. Source" as referred to in
> Prestwood's article on Roger Jensen.  She served as his Marketing/Sales
> Manager.  We both left his association once we figured out this creep was
> just that...a creep.  We thought we could change things, but he's rotten
> the core.
> SO...we have been working on stopping him for the last three months...law
> suites, reporting him to just about every state agency known to man, and
> even appealed to the town administration.  In this last point is where we
> need your help.
> The mayor of Wagener has been made aware of Roger's dealings, but refuses
> move on this matter.  He feels that this is no big deal, and he doesn't
> any one else complaining but myself and Michelle.  He feels that this is
> just a personal vendetta against Roger because he didn't pay us, or our
> minor child, or at least ten other people in town so far.  He doesn't seem
> to feel that the fake cookie jars hurt anyone.
> Let Mayor Steve hear YOUR voices.  Write him at the address below, and
> with him your stories about all the people that have been hurt by this
> Let him know your own personal stories about how this man's products have
> diluted a fine collectibles market with low quality trash!  Let him know
> that NO town should sponsor, and allow a crook like this to operate his
> immoral business when they have the power to deny him the ability to
> operate.
> You guys really don't know the extent that this guy will go to rip us off.
> He has been using the State Vocational Rehabilitation Department's
> program to get 30 days of free labor from disabled people, and then when
> training period is over, and it's time for him to start PAYING these
> he fires them.  Over and over and over...this is ONE of his MOs.  He pays
> one, not his venders, not his employees, not his taxes, not even his eBay
> fees.  He uses EVERYONE up, and then bolts when the tab gets too large.
> Help us stop him NOW, before any more locals are hurt, before another
> legitimate vender is ripped off, before another cookie jar is made.
> Write our Mayor at:
> Wagener Town Hall
> 113 Railroad Ave.
> Wagener, SC 29164
> Attn: Mayor Steve Carver
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