[Mccoypottery-talk] Faye and Roger Jensen

Loretta A. Payne-Nelson rett@netreach.net
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 18:49:13 -0500

More on Faye:  After I made the first purchase from her of 5 antique 
shoes "her famous collection," they didn't ship and it had been almost 
wo months.  I kept calling the number ebay me early a.m, all day, all 
evening and late at night...never an answer.  When she finally responded 
to an email, she said she spend 90% of her time taking care of a sick, 
elderly lady.  Then she started ending her emails to me with religious 
quotations, etc.  How can she have any religion with all the fraud and 
lying she does to rip people off.   Her phone is listed for some 
boutique or store.  I don't have it since my hard drive was wiped, but I 
can get the info again if we need it.

Betty Nelson wrote:

>Well lets let the Okie in Iowa have the soapbox.  I agree we should do all
>we can to stop any activity that is illegal and do our best to stop innocent
>people from getting stung.  I am sad to report that the fake McCoys have hit
>here with force.  This weekend we have Walt Johnstons Antique Show in Vets,
>Auditorium, Doll show that is a big thing anymore in the tourism building on
>the Iowa State Fairground and the monthly flea market also on the Fair
>grounds so we had lots of the right kind of people in town and milling about
>to make us have a bumper day at our little Collectomania store.  We have 227
>dealer and there is probably 50-70 that have at least one piece of McCoy in
>our booth at all times.  One of our dealers that is new and learning the
>difference between junk and junque went shopping at the fleamarket before
>comming to work at Coll. this morning.  He came in with steam comming out
>his ears over a man set up at the fair grounds selling McCoys that weren't
>the real thing.  He said he had first seen the guy when he had put out just
>a cat with a ball of string that was a stringholder and it had McCoy on the
>bottom and the man said he had bought out this old estate !!!!!!!!!  When he
>came back by he had a table full of McCoy but our dealer was smart enough to
>know that some of the colors were off and talked to another of our dealers
>set up and when they both confronted the new comer he admitted that he
>hadn't gotten them from an estate but had bought them from someone that had
>said they were being made with the original molds.  This is the first I have
>heard of them here in Des Moines.   Are you sure lynching is illegal???????
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