[Mccoypottery-talk] all the buzz about fakes!!!!!

Cunningham, Beth Beth.Cunningham@EKU.EDU
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:31:36 -0500

Last week I contacted an Ebay seller who was selling the pink heart vase, l=
isted as new.  We emailed back and forth several times for several days. I =
tried to answer her questions to the best of my knowledge and with the help=
 of my McCoy books.  She turned out to be a very nice woman who had bought =
fakes unknowingly from a wholesaler.  By the end of our conversations she h=
ad confirmed that she would no longer purchase from this particular person,=
 and regretted any confusion she had caused to buyers.  My point is, there =
are a lot of sellers who just don't know (not including those "Power Seller=
s") and are taken in with the same sort of persuasion that is then passed o=
n to the Ebay buyers.  Occasionally contacting one of these people, with ki=
ndness, may be another way to cut back on the profits of Jenson and others.=
  Beth in KY

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From: Tom [mailto:teedub@gamewood.net]
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I confronted a dealer in a mall recently  over a piece of Mcjunk.
up until that point I had considered that person trustworthy.
After the fact I realized that he had mistakenly bought a fake ( kitty stri=
ng holder) and was trying to sell it to be rid of it. He was asking 65.00 f=
or the piece.
At that point I broke all ties with her.

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