[Mccoypottery-talk] Green Wishing Well Planter

karen flangan bluejade73@yahoo.com
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:17:23 -0800 (PST)

Thank you.  I like it too.  I just wish I knew who made it.  The Sanford book is called Sanfords'Guide to McCoy Pottery and is available at amazon.com, bn.com, or you might find a copy on ebay.  To the best of my knowledge 1998 is the last year it was printed.  Personally I've never seen it in any of the book stores near me.  Good luck in your search. By the way, what are you trying to id.

"Loretta A. Payne-Nelson" <rett@netreach.net> wrote:

What is the name of the Sanford book and where did you order it.  I have several pieces I think are McCoy that I can't find in the five reference books I have.   Thanks.

karen flangan wrote:
Thank you for your offer of help.  Unfortunately, mine is all green and doesn't have a chain.  It's not the 1950's McCoy version. Who exactly made it I still don't know. Some kind members of this list have helped me with this and I am very grateful for it.
 There's also woman on a art pottery list who has helped me  She says she has the same planter and hers is marked McCoy.  She suggested I email the Sanford's and ask for their help to id it.  I emailed them but I haven't heard anything yet.  I ordered a copy of their book and will look through it when I arrives.  I have no idea who used the mark on this planter and will probably drive myself crazing trying to research it.    
Thank you,

ACP <acpearce@io.com> wrote:

I have the brown/multi-colored Wishing Well (not the all green one).
So, if yours isn't the all green one, send me a pic. I would be able to
tell if it looks just like mine or not. 

Does yours still have the original chain on it??


>It doesn't sound like the McCoy one. You can send me photos at
>I will see if I can come across anything in any of our books when I have

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