[Mccoypottery-talk] "USA pottery" at the flea market

ACP acpearce@io.com
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:28:23 -0600

carolyn graves wrote:

> Hi there is McCoy produced pottery with just USA and some with no 
> markings at all. Welcome to the wonderful World of McCoy.

Here's a funny (or maybe not).
My sister took me to her favorite flea market when I was in OK last
month.  I found a few pieces of interesting looking pottery for from
$3 to $6 each, in 3 or 4 separate booths.  Fastened beneath each
of these items was a little placard, marked "nice old USA pottery".
Finally, I found a piece I liked well enough to actually pick it up and
examine it.  Guess what!   All those "nice old USA" pieces, were
actually McCoy.  ;-)
I went back to check each one I could remember and sure enough --
they were ALL McCoy.  So, I picked them up and handed them to
my sister, told her what they were and suggested she buy them.  I was
only interested in one of them for myself and carried it around with me.
Finally, I put it down on the check-out counter and went to look at
something else and she ended up buying it too!!!    The rat!  She said
it was because she had a larger, matching white planter, but I knew
when she got it home, she'd find there was no match.  ;-)    I really
wanted that planter, but I guess I'll enjoy just as much, making her
feel guilty for the next 25 years. 

BTW -- there were some items with "McCoy pottery" placards, too.  They
actually said McCoy on the bottom, so that must be how the vendor knew
what they were.  ;-)   And they were ALL considerably more expensive 
than $6;
they were all pretty much book list prices.

There was a lot of cheap Haeger (sp??), too and some Shawnee and some
I didn't recognize.

This little flea market has about 80 booths and is sort of in the middle of
nowhere.  It sits alone, at the corner of an intersection, where 2 minor 
meet and is about equidistance from 6 tiny NE OK towns and a few miles
from TwinBridges State Park.     I would never have thought of putting any
sort of business where it is.

Next time I am visiting, I'm going to go back and see if they've increased

Oh, BTW -- They had 2 VERY old mammy cookie jars I didn't recognize
(not McCoy).   They were behind a glass case, so I didn't get to look
at the bottoms.   One was $180 and the taller one was about $75, I

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