[Mccoypottery-talk] Off topic Ebay's VERO program / Faye Does it!!!

Tom teedub@gamewood.net
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 14:12:09 -0500

The watch I sold apparently was a counterfeit.
I didnt know it.
I wasn't trying to pull a Jensen!!!!!!!!
The buyer says that they had nothing to do with the complaint being filed.
I'm so mad that I can't see straight!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think that I  was so truthful in the item description that it threw up a =
red flag for whoever was authenticating auctions.
I told the buyer I would refund the money just send me the watch back.
I have heard nothing else from them.

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s it!!!

  Well, I don't understand either. I did a search for Bulova watches on eba=
y, and there were 1,066 listed. Have you asked them what copyright laws you=

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