[Mccoypottery-talk] My Find!!!

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Jennifer happy anniversary we not only share our love for McCoy but we share
the same day as our anniversary.  =0D
Linda C. =0D
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Might have been.  Yesterday was my hubby and my 26th anniversary and my
grandma loved him as much as she did me!  And since he is totally disabled,
I didn't get a card or any gift of any kind, so maybe I will call this my
grandma's wedding anniversary gift to me!=0D
Her photo sits by my computer and she was my very best friend in the world
as an adult and I was her "favored" as a child.=0D
Thanks Quita!  I really feel even more "neat" about it now!=0D
Jennifer Smith=0D
Hull full of Ohio Pottery and Glassware=0D
Capriherb Farm=0D
Baltimore Ohio=0D
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Perhaps there was help from your grandmother for you to find it. =0D
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