[Mccoypottery-talk] cookie jar help

Jan Donovan jandan@dashlink.com
Thu, 20 Nov 2003 07:01:22 -0600

I sure could not find any info on it being reproduced, I appreciate your
email, makes me feel better!
Thank you, Jan
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  I  don't think that CJ has been reproduced.


  Jan Donovan wrote:

    Hi McCoy Collectors,

    I was searching for information on a McCoy Cookie jar, and discovered
mccoypottery-talk.  I have also just started listing items on ebay, and I
don't want to be like "Faye" and list a fake.

    So, here goes...and not to worry....it is not a LRRH.....I have a McCoy
Upside Down Panda Bear, black and white, the bottom is marked 210 McCoy.  I
have a friend that is very knowledgeable in pottery, and he assures me I
have a real McCoy, but after reading so much about fakes, I am still very
hesitant to list this item.  I have checked out the fakes at websites and
did not find that this panda bear cookie jar is one that is being
reproduced.  If any of you could help me with information to determine if
mine is real I would really appreciate it!  Thanks, Jan

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