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 Well, I'm trying to get back to reality -- and catch up on emails.  Thanks
to all with the warm wishes and prayers for my mother and family.  Karen, I
hope that your father is doing well.=0D
For an update, I'm truly amazed with MD Anderson.  They found two different
brain tumors and removed them.  The preliminary tests show that they are all
gone (once they were in, they appeared to be benign) -- she was even
discharged today.  The final results will be in on Monday, so let's assume
it's all gone and there will be no chemo. =0D
Again thanks!=0D
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I'm very sorry about your mother.  Unfortunately, I know what it's like.=20
The last two weeks have been very hard to for me too. My father had a brain
aneurysm Oct 28 and is currently in ICU.  =0D
God bless you and your mother,=0D
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