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Sat, 22 Nov 2003 17:27:34 EST

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I know this is off the subject, i had emailed the seller for this item numb=
it is a little red ridning hood cookie jar and this is the response I got=
Question for seller -- Item #3157631699

It is definitely marked McCoy with all the pottery crazing for that time=20
period on pottery especially McCoy. =A0Also, I've seen several on Ebay sinc=
e I=20
bought mine at an estate sale and sometimes they go pretty high on Ebay. =
=A0I've got=20
several McCoys that have the exact same markings on the bottom. =A0It could=
 be a=20
reproduction by another pottery company in that time period, but I don't=20
think so. =A0There's lots of McCoy products that are not in the collector b=
ooks. =A0I=20
will research further and I appreciate your contact.=20


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