[Mccoypottery-talk] Someone destroyed a McCoy

BigBVideo@aol.com BigBVideo@aol.com
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 07:57:18 EDT

I, too, shudder when I see something like that painted vase,  but keep in 
mind that these pieces were originally very inexpensive and not considered any 
kind of fine art. I'm acutally surprised that there aren't more pieces floating 
around that have been painted or decorated in some way. In the 60's, my 
grandmother went thru that tole painting phase, and she grabbed just about anything 
she could get her hands on and painted her little designs. In her case, it was 
mostly strawberries. McCoy, with its nice smooth finish, would have been a 
good target. I don't know that she tole painted any, but I do know she chipped a 
Lady with Bonnet wall pocket and grabbed her tole painting box and painted in 
the red border that she knocked off. I have the piece now, and the border 
doesn't bother me. Besides, given the date, her "repair" is almost an antique! LOL

As for the gold vase, who knows, maybe putting it in the dishwasher will get 
rid of most of it! It works for cold paint!


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