[Mccoypottery-talk] Listing

Tom Walker teedub@gamewood.net
Fri, 3 Dec 2004 23:37:45 -0500

Thanks for all the positive feedback on what I am doing.
A friend  here got burned really bad with  a jar  just like the one picture=
d in  my auction.
So I took heed to Chiquita's words "EDUCATE YOURSELF".
Well most folks don't realize that there are folks out there.
And if they knew that there were fakes out there they would not know how to=
 iID them.
My auction gives the bidders the power of knowledge.
One person wrote me this note today after making my listing.

you state that the red riding cookie jar is NOT a McCoy. Then why are you l=
isting it under McCoy? I believe that is leading people on and against EBAY=
 policy. Also why are you charging so much for shipping? $100. A little ste=
ep I would say. Also against EBAY policy. Overcharging on shipping...

Note I did make shipping $100  simply because  folks are willing to pay tha=
t for a fake.
I am not selling anything  just passing out  free info.

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