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~barb crews xmascookie@thecookiejar.net
Sun, 05 Dec 2004 16:47:04 -0600

eBay ..you either love it or hate it.

The thing is there is so much stuff out there, that it is hard to ignore 
the big elephant in the living room when you are looking for
antique and vintage items. I can go for hours (and do) to antique malls and 
stores, but when I am looking for something specific
eBay is the first place I check or if it's McCoy I look at the McCoy 
Auctions on the web site that sponsors this list.  Browsing in stores is 
wonderful, but very time consuming, again when looking for something 
specific.  In just the last week or so I was able to find an autographed 
baseball for a lot less than I can get from the stores or player, a pair of 
Nemo light up sneakers for my 2 yr old grandson, a bowling alley cookie jar 
for my son is trying to buy a real one and 24 beautiful, large vintage 
Shiny Brite ornaments that would have cost triple IF I could find them 
around here. These were all things I was specifically looking for -- (well, 
okay I did stumble over the shoes, but he hasn't taken them off yet, so 
glad I bought them!) and I know darn well I would not been able to find 
them around here, even though we live in a big town.

I've been an eBayer since July 1, 1996 and have one negative feedback from 
a seller that for some reason never got my emails -- it was a just 
confusing to both of us.

  And out of all the hundreds of purchases I have made, I can count on one 
hand the number of "bad experiences" and none of them
were terrible.  The biggest problem I've had is poor packing -- but I also 
ALWAYS offer to send more $ for packing materials. If I am going to  spend 
money and time on an auction, I want the item. So I ask the seller to 
double box the breakable and please use bubble wrap if possible. Then I 
tell them I am happy to include a buck or two more to help with the costs 
of the supplies. I think I might have a 5% response on folks asking for the 
extra cash. Some will say I pack that way anyway, but thanks for the offer.

It all boils down to reading the auction description, then read it again. 
See what's NOT said or how it's said.  When it says
"McCoy is shown on the bottom" I get suspicious, they are telling me it has 
that mark, but not telling me it is McCoy. The same with someone who 
typically says found at an estate sale or garage sale, so I don't know 
anything. Yes, lots of stuff is found that way, but to me if a person does 
that on all their auctions,  it tells me something. It seems to be their 
out so they are not responsible for the accuracy
in the listing.

Ask questions if you're not sure. Check feedback responses.
Check your books or price guides, or do an online search to see if you can 
find more information on an item. Check Tias for instance to see if they 
have similar items listed.

I hate the fact that the eBay folks don't have a better system for taking 
care of frauds, etc. and each time I have been out to their headquarters 
that is the point I hammer home. They are tired of me saying it, but know 
I'll keep doing it. I keep hoping they will work out the community watch 
program they have for other collectibles to include pottery and it still 
might. But it's just a lot to get in place both legally and logistically (sp?)

Anyway... that's my two cents.


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