[Mccoypottery-talk] HTML and the List Serve

McCoy Pottery List Mom listmom@mccoypottery.com
Wed, 22 Dec 2004 22:16:46 -0600

Hello all.. Back to that issue we had with the list serve spewing out 
tons of messages.  This was brought on by a time consuming project we 
have undertaken which is to rid the Archives and digest of HTML in 

Anyone who gets the digest, or lumbers through the Archives knows it 
has been a cumbersome experience in the past given some posts look find 
an others are all "coded" up.

So we ran some scripts to strip the HTML from the archives.  We have it 
near completion, and the Archives should be much more readable now.  
There are around 21,000 posts in the archives, so it was quite a bit of 

Ok, so that said the real reason for my post.  We have striped HTML 
from posts on the list so that we do not run into this problem in the 
future.  As always we realize this is not a technical list, and it is 
oh so cool to load little backgrounds that make text unreadable, and 
lovely little bouncing emoticons, etc., in a post.

In any event it should not be too much of an inconvenience and again, 
is going to make the archives readable, and keep our 380 digest members 

The archives can be viewed here BTW: 

We will of course bring this site into the rest of our sites look and 
feel after the new year.  But for now, they are complete and much more 
readable.  They are searchable as well.. (http://mccoysearch.com/) So 
if you have a question about something, chances are, there is an answer 
in the archives.

Thank you for your time!

The List Mom
McCoy Pottery Online
e-mail: listmom@mccoypottery.com
List Server: http://www.mccoypottery.com/mailinglists

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