[Mccoypottery-talk] Merry Christmas!

Vonda De Lorenzo mcpots@journey.com
Sat, 25 Dec 2004 20:53:45 -0500

My dad just gave me the Lily bookends....(already had a set!), but when I g=
ot mine down, the bottoms are different.=20=20

The ones I had have more of an oblong opening on the glazed bottom and were=
 marked McCoy  MADE IN USA.

 The ones he just gave me have a more triangle opening on the unglazed bott=
om and was unmarked.

The Sanford book says they were unmarked.  I have had my set for a few year=
s now.

Were they put out both ways?

I've been searching for something for him since the beginning of November! =
 I've bid on several items, but lost them.  Then the four or five I've won.=
....couldn't part with them once they got here.  He almost got.....The Butt=
erfly spoonrest, Bowery Savings Bank, the little Victory elephant, and.....=
the lost glaze creamer & sugar, (but since he didn't have the teapot, I don=
't feel guilty about keeping these!)  Of course, I don't have the teapot ei=
ther!  :)  Oh yeah, the other item I received was the Pamela Coates Vol I. =
 I already have Vol II 1/2, so I couldn't break up the almost complete set!=

But he did get the Antique Rose vase, page 28, row 1-2 and a Antique Rose c=
up & saucer!  See, I'm not such a bad daughter, just a greedy one!

My husband wanted to know if we had stock in UPS or the Post Office!

Hope everyone had the McWishes fulfilled.....I know I did, even if they all=
 were before Christmas!

Have a great New Year!


PS:  It is COLD here in Mid Michigan, but very little snow!=

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