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Well, I've been to Nashville, went to Bell Buckle and met Warren and his wife!  Very nice McCoy fanatics.  He had pictures of his personal collection, and while I was looking over his showcase, he asked if I was a collector and started showing me his collection!  I bought a Pierce Arrow decanter from him....he has this poppy sitting on his shelf if anyone wants to skip Zanesville, (which is where I am sitting now!).  I have his email somewhere in the car.  He had Baa Baa's, wall pockets, etc.  I even had to wait for them to open at 1p, (it was Sunday).  Went to Newport via Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg....way too many people!  We didn't even stop.  From Newport, entered the Blue Ridge Parkway from exit 20 in North Carolina....my husband was driving and wanted to know what the view looked like.  I told him he would have to pull over at the next overlook, as I wasn't looking out the side windows!  :)  Next stop was Greenville/Greer, SC.  Took back roads back up to Ashville, found a brand new mall.  Also found the Jupiter decanter set, minus the passenger car!  Great price for the three pieces!  Back on the Parkway until exit 200.  Spent the night in Wyethville, VA.

Everyone must go to the Old Fort Mall at exit 77 on I-77/81!  Go in the door, and to the right.....MCCOY everywhere!  Either they or the mall to the North, (there are like 3 in a row!) had the Colby Cat for $200!  Also, a CJ they called the squirrel, but I sure am hoping it was the chipmonk, as I left it sitting there....$110!  :)

ZANESVILLE is getting ready for all of you.  Wish I could stay, but if you want the cat teapot....there is still one left at Clara Belle's....the other one at Olde Town is in my car....$76!  Old Towne, go to the left my children and prepare to hyperventilate!  Dealer, WND, was unpacking boxes and boxes...Roseville, Hull, McCoy!  She is the one I got the teapot from!  They also have the rabbit for ....don't quote me....$385, Clossens had one for $480?? and a Angel Fish (mini) for $530! WND also had a bluish Rodeo planter, she has lots of everything.  How can one dealer have sooooo much? I wish they would share it with us at a cheaper price!  :)  Just be sure and bring lots of McCoy dollars!  Everyone have fun.  I found a place on 93/Avondale called Burt's Pottery.  He has some McCoy CJ's...Apollo, Friendship 7, Raggedy Ann, etc.

Been here 4 times now and just discovered Zanesville has a North side beyond the freeway!

Thanks to everyone who had suggestions for me.  Next stop ....Findley, then home to Mt Pleasant Michigan.....I will see everyone next year in Zanesville....


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