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Cunningham, Beth Beth.Cunningham@EKU.EDU
Fri, 9 Jul 2004 09:00:12 -0400

Good for you Jennifer!!!  What a dream-come-true this must be.  If I
ever get in that area, I'll stop by your store.  Beth in KY


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I am announcing the opening of our newest adventure in this wild,
wonderful life!

We are going to be opening Ohio Pottery & Glassware at 502 East Main
Street in Lancaster Ohio on August 1, 2004.

This will be something a bit different and unique to the collectibles
trade in that it is a Boutique concept with both new and old Pottery and

The old pottery will be basically all Ohio Pottery and we plan on
bringing in some new from the Zanesville/Perry County potteries such as
Heartstone, RRPC, Friendship, etc.

Same with the glass.  As well as old we are planning on carrying new
such as Fenton, Blenko, Gibson, Boyd and Mosser as well as all the old
glass such as Heisey, Fostoria, Westmoreland, Fenton, Blenko, etc.

We will be open on Tuesday through Saturday and we would love to have
anyone in the area stop by when we get opened!

No junk, no furniture, just plainly Glass and Pottery!

I've been working my little fingers to the bone for the last 3 days
signing leases, insurance, security, utilities, etc.

As soon as the fixtures arrive, we will be moving our vast inventory
from the house (yippeee!!! I get my house back!!!) to the store.


Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
Baltimore, Ohio

MY NEW STORE AT iOFFER! <http://www.iofferstores.com/shops/capriherb>

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