[Mccoypottery-talk] another fake seller and their tactics

Ohio Pottery & Glassware capriherb@earthlink.net
Mon, 12 Jul 2004 07:14:36 -0400

You can do this legitimately as far as legalities at eBay.
Do a listing with a Buy It Now of 2 cents.  List like 10 "pieces" of your
advice at once.
Don't put advise in the body of the listing, but legitimately "sell" it!
When the person "buys" your advice (and I would make it worth the listing
fees, say around 50 cents), and pays for it, then you send them a full
listing (make sure you are on firm legal ground to keep from being sued) of
what they need to look for, and what is a sure-fire fake.
It would be a great service.  Make the auctions as cheap as possible, no
gallery photo, and 7 day listings.  If you only sell 2 "pieces of advise"
then next week, only put up 2.
You wouldn't make any money, but once you have down a fairly nice spiel of
what you want everyone to know, then it would just be a matter of sending
them an email with your information.
Just "my" 2 cents worth!<G>

Jennifer  & Rodney Smith
Baltimore, Ohio

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I was just cruising ebay and saw another seller of
fakes,"save49percent-com", I have seen them before but
never looked at this particular persons other items.
When I did, I noticed that the high bidder is kept
private on his "Mccoy" but not on legitimate items.
I am still considering "selling" advice in the mccoy
listing on ebay,one of my Buddies suggested " giving
my 2 cents worth, for 2 cents", and maybe pointing
people to mccoy related websites, including this one,
and STRONGLY recommending studying the subject before
However I am still wondering how much trouble I would
get in with ebay, if any. I wouldnt name names of the
crap sellers, just give info in their tactics.
I just get so sick and tired of these ripoff artists,
having been taken by one of them myself at the
beggining of collecting mccoy. Again, I am proud to
say, it has only been once, thanks to the many fine
folks on this list giving advice and urging me to
study the subject.
On a brighter note, I picked up 2 pieces of mccoy at
auction yesterday, nice little bird planter and a
rather odd rectangular shaped planter, yellow with
green drip, my mcfinds of the week.
Wish I could be going to zanesville, but I have a
raceboat to work on this week:) VROOOOOOOOOOOOM
Ya'll have fun,

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