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Mark Jennings mjtn@charter.net
Sat, 17 Jul 2004 00:40:45 -0500

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Elizabeth, I understand what you mean about the principle of the 
thing.  The piece that I mentioned which came to me broken was only 
$5.  Actually, it was 4 McCoy planters in one "lot/box" for $20.00.  The 
seller did a poor packing job.  All of them being in one box wasn't really 
the problem because she put packing material between each one - on the 
inside, that is.  The problem was that she "packed" one of them right next 
to the edge/side of the box with nothing between it and the box itself.  It 
arrived damaged, of course ... broken "clean in two," as they say.  As I 
said, I paid the extra for the insurance, so when I found out that she 
didn't buy the insurance for me, I didn't appreciate it.

There's more to this whole story than I've told here, like ... how long it 
took me to get her to respond --- then, how many times we emailed each 
other  --- her accusing me of "being mixed up with another seller" --- then 
of being a liar to "get it for $5.00 cheaper" --- then me finally proving 
it by borrowing a digital camera (before I had one of my own) and emailing 
pictures to her, etc., etc., etc.  *SIGH*  ..... a very, very frustrating 
thing to have happen over $5.00.  But as you say, Elizabeth, the money's 
not the real issue.


At 11:12 PM 7/16/2004 -0400, you wrote:

>I got a nasty negative feedback recently and a nasty email because I had
>left negative feedback when I had had no response to my email, an ebay
>invoice and a payment reminder.  I usually wait 30 days for a payment,
>but I had given up on this one after about 3 weeks.  I left a response
>to his feedback and a follow-up to what I had left for him.  Granted it
>was only a postcard, but it was the principle of it all.  I happened to
>have a duplicate of the card so just sent it to him for free even though
>he said he didn't want it.  We'll see what happens next.
>My eBay:  http://members.ebay.com/aboutme/wyandotkid/
>My web site:  http://collectalotshop.com/lizspostcardsandthings/

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