[Mccoypottery-talk] A comforting thought...

Walter McEntire bigbvideo@yahoo.com
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 08:00:04 -0700 (PDT)

In the last few days, I've received several bogus
emails about my eBay account, wanting to log in, etc.
etc. I keep forwarding them to eBay who sends me the
usual "this is not from eBay" yadda yadda ya.

Then I got one from a PayPal imposter. So I went to
PayPal's page and looked for where to send it. I
figured it was probably the same deal as eBay since
they are the same. But the link on their page to send
spoofs only took me to an "ask a question" page. So I
asked a question. Where do I forward the email? I
didn't attach or paste it. Just asked the question. I
got a reply back. The same "concerned" "this is not
from PayPal" "we're looking into it" "contacting the
appropriate parties" etc. Hmmm. Interesting. They
didn't get the email, so how do they know? Makes you
wonder if ANY of the things forwarded to eBay or
PayPal ever get looked at. I'm thinking not.  There
isn't much they can do about it anyway, so I doubt
I'll bother forwarding them any more in the future. I
did change my passwords and will keep an eye on my
PayPal account to make sure the only charges are mine,
but as usual, eBay and PayPal are pretty useless.

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