[Mccoypottery-talk] Sneaking in the back door

flury flury@bellsouth.net
Tue, 1 Jun 2004 06:21:48 -0500

what is link to Rosso's page so we can review the repros.?

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> I was on another McWitch hunt today and found an eBay
> seller with 6 fake cookie jars listed. This time, he
> had in his description that he was fairly certain they
> were reproductions, but the person he purchased them
> from had made them from the original molds. Or so he
> had been told. He was not trying to fool anyone and
> admitted that he really didn't know.
> So I emailed him and told him him that yes, these were
> fakes. But I doubted the person that sold them to him
> had made them. I sent him the link to Rosso's page,
> where all 6 of the jars he had were shown. He quickly
> emailed back this response.
> "Hi Walter. Thanks for the info. I have known this man
> for about 6 years and he has told me repeatedly that,
> at one time, he had purchased and made all the McCoy
> products. He even said that one of the molds cost him
> $13,000. But, being an auctioneer(Gen. Merchandise), I
> have learned to take what is said with a grain of
> salt. I can neither prove nor disprove what he said.
> That is why I try to tell what I have been told but
> also, that someone told me that information. I would
> rather not sell something than to get a bad rep.,
> either on E-bay or in person.
> Again, thanks for your time to inform me and get the
> information to me."
> A little while later, he went to the link I sent, then
> replied with this.
> "I went to the site and I believe you are right. They
> are too close to what I had. I won't be getting
> anymore from him, especially with what I made on
> these!."
> I emailed him back and asked if, by any chance, did
> Roger Jensen sell him the cookie jars?
> Minutes later, he sent another email. He didn't
> exactly say it was Roger, but here's what he said.
> "Boy, I sure do appreciate the education I am getting.
> You are SOOO RIGHT!
> Needless to say, I won't be doing any more business
> with him. He had already ticked me off because he
> promised to help me get them listed on E-bay, then,
> after he got my money, he kept giving me excuses about
> seeing how this one was doing or that one, but never
> any names, just vague references to E-bay and saying
> that some people say to much and sometimes the less
> said, the better. So that is another reason I worded
> mine the way I did. I wanted people to know that I
> didn't know exactly what I had and I didn't want them
> to think that I was trying to Hoo-Doo them.
> I try my best to be honest and aboveboard in all my
> transactions, even if it means that I will lose some
> business now. But I am a firm believer that what I
> lose now, I will make up for a hundred times over
> later on down the road because my reputation preceded
> me."
> Hope the poor guy didn't get hosed too badly on the
> cookie jars, but you can bet it won't happen to him
> again!
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