[Mccoypottery-talk] Mammy bidder

Loretta A. Payne-Nelson rett@netreach.net
Fri, 04 Jun 2004 19:32:36 -0400

Sorry for delayed response.  I'll start a list now.  What was that Mammy 
bidders id again.  Think I'll do a little more research.

Jerry Reedy wrote:

> I didn't get an answer either. Lets check and see what they do. We 
> need to keep a list of these people though that list may be very large!
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>     Subject: [Mccoypottery-talk] Mammy bidder
>     Just a thought...I never got a response from the high bidder on
>     the mammy and the thought just crossed my mind that maybe this
>     person did not actually buy all those over priced items that
>     someone on the list had looked up.   Maybe this person is doing
>     some shill bidding for Faye, etc.  You would be surprised just how
>     many people could be included in an operation like this.  It would
>     be interesting to see if items are relisted and/or if the sellers
>     left feedback for the buyer and vice versa.
>     Loreta

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