[Mccoypottery-talk] McHunting on I-35

Tim Harlan tharlan@twinvalley.net
Sun, 27 Jun 2004 09:42:42 -0500

Erma;,             I can't help with the eastern route to KC but I do know =
 a couple of places if you go I-35.    In Blackwell, Ok.  downtown there is=
 a nice 2 story mall, the name of which I cant' remember.    In Wichita the=
re is Anne's and The Flying Moose antique malls whose names I remember and =
more that I can't.
These are just the ones which were good enough to be remembered, it's been =
a while.=20
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  From: Erma Pruett=20
  To: mccoypottery-talk@lists.mccoypottery.com=20
  Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2004 1:04 PM
  Subject: [Mccoypottery-talk] McHunting

  David I am glad you and all the others posted to the list about the place=
s to shop for McCoy. I'm making a list for future vacations. Next week I wi=
ll be going from the Dallas area to Kansas City, Mo for a family reunion. I=
'm in no hurry and can go any way I want. I was think of going Paris, (Tx) =
Tulsa, Fayettville, Kansas City. Does anyone have any ideas of places on th=
is route or any along I-35 Dallas to KC?

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