[Mccoypottery-talk] my ebay listing

j b cyclops-eyesonly@msn.com
Thu, 4 Nov 2004 11:28:34 -0600

I am too. It can only help the collectors.

James in New Orleans
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  I'm very proud of you Dave.  It's great that someone is doing such a posi=
tive thing as this.  Hope you are able to educate many more potential colle=
ctors.  Beth in KY

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  Hey Ya'll,

  I gotta tell ya, the listing has went well, very well. I have gotten many=
 responses and have answered many e-mails and have encouraged folks to join=
 this list. I am going to relist it when it ends from now on. If we can hel=
p just a few folks, I think its worth it.

  Ya'll have a good Day!!!!


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