[Mccoypottery-talk] Ebay swindle off topic

bettyfnelson@mchsi.com bettyfnelson@mchsi.com
Wed, 10 Nov 2004 08:00:43 -0600

  I am located here in Des Moines Iowa and this morning the TV station I ge=
t my morning news on had a rather unusual story.
  One of the young photographers had listed his motorcycle for sale on Ebay=
. That became the topic of conversation around the coffee pot and he told e=
very one that he had sold it to some one in a foreign country.  He had inst=
ant advise on all the problems he was going to have trying to crate up and =
ship the bike to a foreign place.  No, there was going to be not problems. =
The guy that bought it said it was exactly what he wanted and didn't even a=
sk if it was running or even to see a better picture.  He was going to send=
 him a certified check and he was to cash it, keep the amount agreed upon f=
or the bike itself and then buy a money order and send the excess to some s=
hipping company located in Holland and they would arrange to have the bike =
picked up and crated for shipping.  Whole deal sounded fishy to some of the=
 reporters.  When the certified check came they took it to the Attorney Gen=
eral, and it was drawn on a real bank but was a counterfiet.  I guess this =
has been going on for several months and it is called the Nigerian swindle.=
  They had been doing it with dishes and breakable things and now are doing=
 bigger items where the seller would buy the extra amount sent as a viable =
amount necessary for shipping. To buy a thing for $2,000 send a $7,000. cas=
hier check and get the person to cash it and send $5,000 on to some other p=
lace for shipping.
  They had the $7,000 check on TV this morning and it certainly did look re=
al... Watch out every one      Betty the Okie in Iowa

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