[Mccoypottery-talk] more on the Cauliflower Mammy

Capriherb capriherb@earthlink.net
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You are not allowed to link to any page that would conflict with eBay.
So if your about me page links to just the portal for your own website but
that page it links to has nothing for sale on it, you are fine.
However if you link to your website that shows nothing but things for sale,
you could get a message from eBay saying that's a no-no.
On your about me page, probably nobody would report it so you are not going
to get in trouble until and unless someone reports you.

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If you own your link and she owns hers who cares?    Links are approved by
the owners of the site...have fun..sounds great...want to link to
me....http://www.teamestatesales.com    if it is antique related I will
think about
it...nothing "adult" thank you!

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