[Mccoypottery-talk] Fake sellers

wdywdpkr wdywdpkr@comcast.net
Mon, 3 Apr 2006 17:43:14 -0700

Hi David,

We wrote a few emails a bit back about Brush, and I asked if you were a
"real" McCoy!

Were these sellers you tracked and reported?

This is very interesting.



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Hi Ya'll!
  Well, I have some promising news!
  For some reason several fake sellers on Ebay are toast! Gone, Adios.....I
dont know the how's or why's, but looking around at some of the sellers,
here is what I see......
  rocking south...AKA ole_mill_creek...AKA rock_of_memories......GONE!
  Dixie-collectibles...AKA pride_of_dixie....AKA
  dixie-south...AKA southernheartland...AKA down_in_dixie...AKA
  mud-puppy-pottery...AKA mudpuppymold...AKA user040106.....GONE!
  All the above are showing up as "no longer a registered user"

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