[Mccoypottery-talk] too funny

david mcCoy damitboy@yahoo.com
Tue, 24 Jan 2006 19:41:47 -0800 (PST)

  The first response I got from them(which I have unfortunately deleted) was written pretty well, "engrish" was good as was the diction and sentence structure. I guess when I pissed them off, the pakistani came out in them, lol.
  If ya get a reply, I would love to see it :)

"McCoyPottery.com List Mom" <listmom@mccoypottery.com> wrote:
On Jan 22, 2006, at 10:03 PM, david mcCoy wrote:

> Ok Ya'll,
> I had to post this..... I emailed what looks to be a new fake 
> seller on ebay. I was very polite and told them that the mccoy they 
> had listed was a reproduction and that I thought they may like to 
> know.
> They emailed back and said in what I percieved to be a sarcastic 
> tone, "thanks for caring".
> So..... I emailed back and asked them, if they knew they were 
> fakes, why were they representing them as authentic mccoy? Below is 
> the last response I got from them, I laughed so hard my stomach 
> hurt, I got them so made they couldnt spell anymore, and half of it 
> makes no sense, but anyway, I got my laugh for tonight and made a 
> fake seller really mad...lol....Oh yeah...if anyone knows what 
> "hedda hopper" is, please let me know, hahahahahahah
> Item: mccoy pottery indian head cookie 
> jar rare color (7384288338) This message was sent while the 
> listing was active. carnicookies40 is the seller. 
> have a nicec day becouse thy are real thy were paid for with real 
> money thats why.. so now you now ..now it all worry about what you 
> selling and not others hedda hopper has been dead for years you now 
> so many people on ebay try to think thy now evre thing and thy say 
> this is and that aint and thy half the time do not now what there 
> talking about so since you can not pick something up and fell it 
> and look it over then maybe you should not be so kiwk to pass your 
> un ask for jabbs please do not contact me again sincerly feed up
> Respond to this question in My Messages.
Wow, his Engrish is incredible.... Now we are getting foreign fake/ 
repro sellers on eBay? It is bad enough their are the Fayes of the 
world, but now this. Yikes, that is the most hideous Indian Head 
fake I have ever seen.

What a freak... I took the liberty of annoying him today in my spare 
time by telling him it was a fake. I tried to do so in my best 
"ENGRISH".... :-)

The List Mom
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