[Mccoypottery-talk] COOKIE JAR AUCTION

Brian Sample alphadesign@smithville.net
Thu, 19 Oct 2006 07:06:44 -0500

Hello Cookie Jar Dealers and Collectors,


My name is Brian Sample and I am an auctioneer here in Bloomington INDIANA,
about 50 miles south of Indy.  

Last week we purchased a substantial 500 piece cookie jar collection.  This
is no ordinary collection.  We are just starting the cleaning and catalog
process and there are a TON of great jars.  This collection was started in
the 40's and has been downsized many times but the core of the early ones
were purchased.  We hope to mass them into 300 lots and have a good old
fashioned touch and feel live auction.  We have already found a Metlox
Little Re, Gingerbread girl and others, Dino and Fred golfer, Little Pinky,
Tons of American Bisque, McCoy, National Silver, Lefton, Shawnee and it goes
on and on.  


We are photographing most of the lots.  Trying to mark and call damage when
we see it.  We hope to put most of them on our website in plenty of time for
the sale and we will take absentee and phone bids on jars over 100.00.  We
will NOT be charging a buyers premium.  


We are seeking the advice of collectors in planning this event.  With that
in mind here are a few questions we hope to get some feedback on:


Is a pre Thanksgiving Sunday sale a good bet for most collectors with the
preview at 10:00 and the sale at 12:30?

Is absentee and phone bids a good idea?

Will people travel for a sale with such good content?

Will collectors see our ads in Antique Week?

Should we try to post ads on line at the various collector sites?

What is the climate of Cookie Jar Collecting?


Any other comments and/or advice are welcome along with critique of our



Best Regards

Brian Sample

Cell 812-327-8273



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